There have never been more brands (and more noise) than today.

Why should customers pick you?

There have never been more brands (and more noise) than today. 

Why should customers pick you?

Many of the success stories we see today, across B2B (such as MailChimp and Squarespace) and B2C (such as Gymshark and Tesla), are taking a different path. Better performance marketing is not what makes them stand out. Instead, they are success stories because they are exciting brands that are built off the back of strong brand identity and creativity.

Brand marketing is no longer about tone-of-voice guidelines, press releases, and advertising copy. Instead, brand marketing is now about generating meaningful word of mouth through community, brand narrative, and being radically different. 

This is why the modern-day marketer needs the Brand Marketing Minidegree. 

It will teach you:

  • An 8-part framework you can use to craft powerful, research-backed brand stories and positioning that resonate with your customers

  • How to ditch the “me too” marketing and transform your business into a differentiated brand, with a tactical plan to connect with customers beyond the purchase and build community

  • The skills you need to apply a brand tracking system to get the data you need to meaningfully measure brand awareness, engagement, and ROI

And that's not all. 

As a BLKVC reader and signing up for the Brand Marketing mini degree by the 25th, you will receive: 

  1. CXL's famous Digital Psychology Minidegree

  2. Richard Millington's new Build Your Community: Turn your connections into a powerful online community

  3. a CXL T-Shirt

  4. and a free additional course of your choice

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