Black Ventures (BV) is an emerging private equity firm that buys digital assets in wildly inefficient markets. We primarily focus on revenue-generating media assets including Music Rights (masters and publishing catalogs), YouTube Channels, Apps, Films, Video Games, and eBooks.

We work with bootstrappers, self-funded & venture-backed companies, influencers, publishers, and profitability-focused founders. Through our M&A deals, we merge the assets into our media and IT businesses to expand their overall growth.

Meet the Team

Kevin Rivers, Founder & Managing Partner – A serial entrepreneur with over 18 years of music and digital media business experience. In 2009, Rivers founded WaTunes, a music distributor and the world’s first Facebook Music Store that revolutionized the music industry. In 2012, Rivers launched Venzo Digital, an award-winning iTunes music service that helped musicians earn over $2.5M in music sales, which was also acquired by Lester Ventures in 2015. In 2019, through Black Ventures, Rivers acquired music labels Grapevine Music and Rocket Science Ventures to grow its media business Global Media Bank.

Clem Moorer, Partner – Clem Moorer is a Vice President at Rigil Kent Capital where his primary focuses are identifying, assessing, and executing new debt investment opportunities as well as developing long-term relationships with a close network of consultants and associates. Previously, Clem facilitated private equity deal origination and technology M&A at London-based Quadra Global Capital Corp and spent time working in capital markets with an established commercial finance brokerage based in Western Canada. Most recently, Clem co-founded Pivot Partners, LLC (“Boston Edison Capital Advisors”), an independent capital advisory firm, operating as a strategic financing consultant to mid-market private equity sponsors and a General Partner and Fund Manager of several alternative investment funds.

Richard Freeth, Partner & General Counsel – A New York attorney with over 20 years of legal and business experience. Also, in 2014, he was co-founder of Freethfields Financial Partners, a diversified international financial firm. Mr. Freeth will utilize his experience in corporate transactions, securities, and intellectual property law both with regard to corporate governance of BV Fund and the Company, as well as in the evaluation of potential assets to be purchased by BV Fund and compliance issues related to the continued viability of those assets.

Our Investment Strategy

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